Thursday, February 12, 2009

Grandma & Grandpa Scrapbook Pages

I have a couple of more layouts for sale in my Etsy Store. I just love the colors for this grandma page: Bravo Burgundy and Old Olive. The next layout is a Grandfather page using very masculine elements...something I don't do too often!

The text on the Grandma page is "Grandma means love" and
"Grandmas are for stories about things of long ago.
Grandmas are for carin about all the things you know.
Grandmas are for rocking you and singing you to sleep.
Grandmas are for giving you nice memories to keep.
Grandmas are for kjnowing all the things you're dreaming of.
But, most of all, Grandmas are for love."

The text for this Grandpa page includes "You put the 'grand' in Grandpa" and a definition of Grandfather
"Grandfather: 1. a kind-hearted man that shares the wisdom of his years 2. A man one turns to for guidance and advice 3. One who is infinitely patient, understanding, and kind 4. A man who is always needed, greatly admired, and loved very, very much i.e. Grandpa"

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