Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Stamping on Walls

Sorry I've been so quiet lately...I've been consumed with preparations for our Independence Day Party! In the process of getting the house ready, I realized that since my bathroom is clean I should take some pictures of the stamping that I did on the walls several months ago. This was so easy and I would definitely recommend stamping over stenciling if you have a design that will work for you. Stamping is just so much easier and fast!
I used the Autumn Leaf Prints stamp set with various shades of green and brown acrylic craft paint to add a random pattern of leaves all over the walls. I was going for the look of leaves blowing through the room. I actually found a leaf print pattern fabric to make matching curtains as well.
Here's some tips for stamping on walls.
  1. Use a craft paint, don't use ink! Even craft ink is not a good idea. Just the regular acrylic paints that you can find in the craft store in a million colors work fine. I apply the craft paint to the rubber of the stamp with a foam brush and then stamp it right onto the wall, it's that easy!
  2. The base paint of your walls should have at least a little bit of gloss in it. I think anything other than Matte should work fine. The reason I say this is because Matte paint will be harder to clean if you make a mistake since the paint will absorb into the texture of the Matte faster.

  3. Here's the best part - use Baby Wipes to clean up any mistakes. I'm sure a wet paper towel would work fine too, but for some reason baby wipes seem to clean up the paint without diluting it and smearing the color around. A paper towel with water may just dilute the paint and smear it around a little bit and may take longer to remove all the color. I read about the baby wipes technique for "erasing" mistakes and that's the only thing I tried - it worked perfectly.
  4. A random pattern may be less stressful. My leaves could go wherever I wanted them to, so I didn't have to worry about lining anything up perfectly. I think I stamped the whole bathroom in 2 hours or so...not bad for a custom look!

I hope you try it! I was so intimidated for such a long time, and regret not having tried it sooner. Even if it's just adding a little splash of color around a mirror on your wall, or a border around your ceiling, be brave! You'll definitely get compliments. And if you realize right away that you don't like it, just wipe it off!


Susan Gibbs said...

Hi Gretchen,

Wow, that really looks so nice. I just may try doing that myself! I love seeing all your great ideas. Thanks.... Susan

Suzi said...

VERY cool!