Sunday, May 10, 2009

My New Craft Room

I'm so excited to share with you photos of my remodeled craft room! Last weekend I just decided to stop putting it off and started painting. Two days later....I was excited to have my new "happy place" ready to work in. In this photo above, you'll see the laminate countertop that my husband installed form me. I found this 8 foot countertop piece at Home Depot and my husband attached it to the wall and built legs for it. I put my plastic drawers that I already owned underneath it. I still need to buy some stools for it. The reason I wanted a countertop is because I often like to stand while I work and since I'm almost 6 feet tall, that can be hard on my back. Now I can stand while I'm preparing for my classes, cutting papers and gathering supplies as I move around the room.
My husband discovered these peg boards and I love them because I can change my storage arrangement as I discover what works best for me. A portion of this peg board (and countertop) is dedicated to art supplies for my kids. I love having my punches all out and visible instead of piled in boxes as they were previously. The are held up by a dowel that is braced by metal hooks in the peg board.

This is my "cutting station" with all my big cutting tools that need to stay out for everyday use. Yes, I just got a BIG SHOT!!!! I'm still playing with it, I can't wait to share some projects that I make with it.

Here's my desk. It's in the same place that it was previously, but I've now moved my ink pads and ribbons to the side wall with some new storage systems that I purchased on ebay (see below). Now this gives me more table space. Also, notice the "Create" decor elements from Stampin' Up! over my desk!

I still have some extra stuff that I have to find places for, but I thought enough has changed that you'd be excited to see it!

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Suzi said...

WOW! Looks great!