Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Are you a Scrappy Mama Fan?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, there is a new feature on my blog to share with the world that you're a fan! To the right at the top of my side bar is a section for "Followers". Thanks to "butlerfly24", for becoming my first Follower, even before I knew that such a thing existed. If you'd like to become a follower of Scrappy Mama, feel free to sign up on the right. I would be so excited to see how many fans are out there!

I've also added new ways for you to subscribe to this blog just below the Followers section. This is in addition to Feedblitz, which is the service I've used in the past for subscribers.

Thanks to all of you devoted readers! I'm expecting to have a little candy soon to share with you to thank you for all your support over these past 2 years. Wow! Coming up in a few months I'll be celebrating my 2 year blogging anniversary!

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